Problem Solved!

I love to watch little minds work.  You can almost see the thoughts as they form, consider, reject, form, and modify behind those tiny faces.  Like a carpenter selecting a piece of wood for their next great masterpiece children work them over.

Bright Eyes had a mouth full of food today, but she wanted a drink.  Since I was letting her eat and play at the same time (not a habit I encourage, but one I occassionally indulge), she had a dilema.  What to do with the food in her mouth?  She saw the cup in my right hand and immediately put her hand to her mouth to spit it out.  No, that won’t work.  Messy hands.  She looked around the room, again no place to deposit her food.  There were no plates.  Ding!  Daddy’s left hand is free.  She immediately grasped my wrist, turned my hand over and spit the food out in my hand.  Ah the joy of watching young minds work and grow!  I had to chuckle even with a hand full of used quesadilla.

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