Parenting – Leaving your fingerprint in eternity

Parenting is one of the most unique experiences of being human.  There are numerous metaphors that we can apply to help us understand it or relate to it at a deeper level.  However, at some point, they all fail.

Almost everyone would connect with the concept that our children bear a physical expression of the love of the parents.  That is because it is easy to see that little Johnny has her eyes and his nose.  It is my opinion that God made it that way to draw our attention to something deeper that we are normally to dense to notice.  Through parenting, we are leaving part of ourselves behind in eternity.  Not this tent of a body that we drag around, but the entire being.

It is true that 2 members of my pack do carry reflections of that 3 mm of skin derived from Beautiful and I, but they are all so much more than that.  To reduce any of them to their genetics is to rob them of the true value of their being.  I believe we are Trinitarian and as such parenting is a continuation of the creation process.  It changes phases throughout the years, but the process does not end until I draw that last breath and go home to glory with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Parenting is that glorious process of working the fertile soil that God has placed before you that a great harvest may be yielded.  That harvest is the children in your life, adopted, fostered or otherwise, honoring the Lord with their lives.

All of creation will be redone and only God’s Word and people will remain.  Through parenting we are affecting eternity. Not only the eternity of our children, but the eternity of the lives that will be touched by them and then by those they touch, and so it goes.  The ripple effect of parenting is profound and sublime.  It truly is leaving a fingerprint in eternity.

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