It warms the heart to hear it.

We just returned from vacation and a trip to a theme park.  As you might expect, there are all kinds of things to see and do to excite little minds.  I always enjoy watching my children have fun on outings like this.

This trip was particularly enjoyable because we were able to visit with one of my brothers, his family, and my mother.  There is nothing like a large gathering of relatives that are all a little touched in the head to ensure a great time anywhere we go.

When we were done, I asked the children what they each liked best.  P.C.  gave some random answer the way that only P.C. can.  It was so obscure, but so like him that I honestly cannot even remember what it was.  The one that stuck though, was Curly Girly’s answer.  When I asked her what her favorite part of the park was, she answered with a broad grin and a sparkle in her eye as she was picturing the day in her mind’s eye, “Holding Grandma’s and Ivory’s (her older cousin) hand.”

Yes indeed.  That is a moment that a parent will cherish forever.  You will not see that in any commercial (especially not for this theme park), but it is a priceless moment nonetheless.

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