A tribute to Beautiful

Recently a friend of ours posted on Facebook a funny little saying about motherhood.  It went something like, “You know you are a mother if a trip to Target feels like a vacation, and a family vacation feels like work.”  This was particularly funny to us because we had just returned from Family Camp.  The whole family had a spectacular time, but it was a lot of work.

At family camp, we were living in close quarters with a lot of our friends from church in a  cabin village.  This was great on a number of levels. For one, it enabled many of our friends to come alongside and help us with the various little ones and all of the many “accessories” that a sizable number of children require.  Their help was instrumental to everyone being able to enjoy the many hours of great times together.  Not to mention it was helpful just getting us and our belongings to camp as we don’t fit in one vehicle anymore.

Living in close proximity was also helpful in another way.  I noticed that many of our peers, because they had older children, were able to come and go, and switch from one activity to another very easily.  Because we are still in baby mode it is a lot more work to do anything. You have to plan for when and where you are going to be when the little one needs to eat again, or nap, etc.  That is when it it really hit me.  Beautiful has been doing this for 24 years.  The ramifications of that began expand in my mind like a flower opening from the bud.  This bride of mine had fed, burped, diapered, bathed, dressed, carried and coddled babies continuously for almost 2 decades (she had a few years of reprieve between the older children).  While other mothers our age are able to enjoy the fruit of their labors with children that can do a great deal for themselves, she is still laboring in love over completely helpless little ones.

I am very glad for our peers that the Lord has them where He does.  I am even more thankful that He has given me a bride with the calling that she has.  Her dedication to children is an inspiration to me.  She emulates the sacrificial love of our Lord Jesus Christ in a quiet, unnoticed way.  Thank you Lord for Beautiful.

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