Rare form, or Every Day form

I know when I describe P.C. to folks they just don’t have a full appreciation for what blessing it is to live with this little guy every day.  When we have people over for dinner, we warn them that they will have dinner and a show.  P.C. will, at some point during the course of the dinner begin putting on his show.  Only for him, it is not a show, it simply how he is.

Tonight is a great example.  Here is a snippet of our bed time conversation for you to get a snapshot of just how amazing he is.IMG_7924_cropped

P.C.-“Daddy, I know where I want to go for my birthday (which is a LONG way off).”

Me-“Really, where is that.”

P.C.-“That big white house.”

Me-Trying to think of someplace fun that would fit his description ”Which big white house is that, buddy?”

P.C.-“The one George Washington and Abraham Lincoln lived in.”

Me-Still taken off guard “Oh, THE White House. Why do you want to go there for your birthday?”

P.C.-“Because I have never been.”

Me-“Okay, we will give that some thought.”

P.C.-“Did you know there is cheese in space?”

Me-“Really, why would you say that.”

P.C.-“One of my books told me the moon is made of cheese.”

Me-“Buddy, that is a story book, it is not really made of cheese.”

P.C.-Without even acknowledging that I responded “What happens if you touch the sun.”

Me-Electing to focus on the easy part of this problem and forget the whole being in space issue “Okay last question because you need to sleep.  You would burn up before you were even close to the sun.”

P.C.-Sneaking in another question “Why is that?”

Me-“The sun is really hot. It is hotter than Mommy’s oven.  It is hotter than hundreds of Mommy’s ovens.”


For some kids this would be an entertaining and amazing exchange.  You have to understand.  We have dozens of these conversations EVERY day with P.C.  We would have even more if time would allow.  Some kids get into rare form.  For P.C. this is his every day form.  We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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