Invasion Force–Forward!

One of the benefits of having a large age spread in the family is that when the oldest flies the coop, the little ones have a new destination to go explore.

After giving Coco a call to see if he was ready for a visit, we all piled into the van an drove the 15 minutes to his house.  The invasion force was efficient and organized and had his house thoroughly taken over in a matter of moments.  Coco quickly countered with Cars 2 in 3D and you can see the invasion force was immediately pacified.

WP_000268  P.C., Curly Girly, and Bright Eyes
enjoy burgers and a movie at Coco’s

Unfortunately for him, they are a resilient crew and eventually overcame the diversion.

All in all it was a great visit and we all had a wonderful time.  In the end, Coco only found one thing out of place that he tripped on as he went to turn the light on.

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