The Man in the Green Shirt

Last night we were blessed with a visit from one of my brothers, his wife and son.  It was a great time and the cousins bonded rapidly because they had a great deal in common.  Coco was also able to join us so it was really a boisterous party.

Since my brother’s family was still on West Coast time, and our little pack had school the next morning, ours went to bed earlier.  A bit later, when all the people still awake were gathered in the living room, my brother’s son mentioned that he was looking for the man in the green shirt to go down to the basement with him.

Coco, my brother, and I all looked at each other very curiously because none of us had a green shirt on.  Coco was the first to figure it out.  He realized that Thunder had a black shirt on with green stripes earlier.  This was incredibly funny to us because Thunder is only 12.

People mistake Thunder for older than 12 all of the time because he is so big and usually acts very mature.  Beautiful, Princess and I make the same mistake in other ways.  We have to guard ourselves from adult expectations of him because he is not.  Even though our eyes tell us that he is the Man in the Green shirt, in reality, he is a little boy that has not even started his awkward teen years yet. 

Some day, he WILL be The Man in the Green Shirt, but for now, he gets to still enjoy being our, not so little boy.

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