Um. That is not what I meant.

Thunder and I were having a conversation about game ratings this evening.  I was explaining that the rating system is based on the content of the game and two very different games could receive the same rating.  This means that one game I might allow the kids to play and another I would not, even if the rating was the same.  I explained that some content should be for older kids and some content, no one should be looking at in a game.

We looked at two games as examples so he could better understand what I was talking about.  The little ones were around so I didn’t discuss the specific content that caused one of the games to be disqualified in our home, I just pointed at the listing (Sexual Content).  PC was beside himself with curiosity at this point, and just HAD to know what was in it.

The older children were completely hooked at this point, wanting to see me explain this to our 5 year old.  Since PC is number 5 in line, I thought I had this one pretty well in hand.  I explained that, “…it contained content that should only be in private between a husband and a wife.”

Without missing a beat, he cheerfully said, “Oh great!  You and Mommy can play the game after we go to bed.”  Thunder and Princess just received their laugh workout for the day.

That boy is always thinking.


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