Blessings Beyond our Understanding

baptismal-fontThis was a big week for Pooh Bear.  The funny part is that at this point, he has no idea of the significance on the events that took place.  The exciting part for me is being here as bit, by bit, the layers will be pulled back for him and he will understand (as much as anyone can) the great changes that took place.

Monday we filed his petition for adoption.  While that might not seem like that much of event, you have to understand that from here the distance from filed adoption petition and finalized adoption is the distance from one pile of papers to another.  At some point in the next six to twelve weeks, we will receive a very non-descript envelope that will inform us that his adoption has been finalized.  It will have a date on it and that will be his Adoption Day that will be celebrated annually in our house, but that envelope is incredibly anti-climatic despite the significance it represents.  The filing is the last “hurdle” that needed to be jumped in order to get there.

It also means that he can now be called by his new name, however, we have another tradition in our family.  That is, the children receive their new names at their baptism.

And that brings me to the second big event of the week for Pooh Bear.  Today he was baptized.  All baptisms are extremely exciting for me, but it is all the more exciting to be part of one like this.  By God’s design he was born into one family.  Yet, also by God’s design, he is now part of ours.  While we were up front with him, making covenant for him, and on behalf of him, his birth family was with the congregation, tearfully adding their support.  It is beyond comprehension by human minds that such a thing could be.  It does not make sense, and yet, it happened.  We were all there to witness it even though, to a large extent, most of the sub plots of this great tale were lost on all of us.

This day marked his entry into a covenant of faithfulness, just like his filing marked the beginning of the process that brings him into this family.  He doesn’t fully understand either (in fact I am quite sure the only thing he knows is that he got wet), but understanding is not a pre-requisite to receiving the blessings of either.

He doesn’t need to know that I am his father to be blessed by the provision, protection, and love that will come from that.  Neither does he need to understand what that water poured over his head means in order to receive the blessing from it. He is eternally marked and he belongs to Jesus, just like he belongs to this family.  As he grows, it is our job to help him understand what it means to belong to the family of God, just like it is our job to help him understand what it means to belong to our family.

In the meantime, blessings will be poured out him.  Some of those he will recognize while others will bless him without him even knowing it.  In the end, that is the condition of us all.  There are blessings we recognize and are grateful for, and there are those that are poured out on us by our loving Father that we don’t have a clue are even there.

I am grateful to our eternal Father that He does not bless us based on what we understand.  If that was the case, I am afraid, that I would have far fewer blessings than I now enjoy.  In fact, I know for certain that I would have at least 7 fewer blessings.  Those are blessings that have names and are frequently the subject of this blog.

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