Now I feel old

PhoneBoothIt is easy to forget how fast our world is changing.  There is nothing like children asking about some ancient piece of technology that has faded into oblivion to make you feel old.

Last night, for family movie night, we were watching “The Perfect Game.”  By the way, this is fantastic movie the whole family will enjoy, especially if you love baseball.  It is about THE 1957 Monterey, Mexico Little League team.  Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

Any way, we are all watching intently, and P.C. asks the question (yes, of course it was him – he just has the knack).  He blurts out, “What are they doing in those ‘Cell Phone Houses’?”  I had to laugh.  A woman was using a telephone booth and he couldn’t figure out why the characters in the movie kept doing that.

Yes, our world has changed, and yes I cam getting old.  I am just dandy with that.

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