A Rose by Any Other Name…


When you have adopted children you will run into all kinds of funny situations that more traditional families don’t experience.  We ran into one the other day when Beautiful and Thunder went to watch some of his peers finish their games.

Beautiful was visiting with the grandmother of one of the other players.  The grandmother had been made aware that we have adopted children because their family has been instrumental in at least one of the adoptions.  Thunder walked up and briefly joined the conversation.  After he walked away to join the other players, the grandmother asked if that was our son with the “Gonzalez” shirt on.  Beautiful replied, “No… our son had a Red Sox shirt on.”  The grandmother indicated that she thought maybe he kept his last name when he was adopted.  Beautiful replied that his last name is ours and was trying to figure out where the Gonzalez came from. 

Later,  Thunder came back to visited again and Beautiful introduced them.  When he turned around to leave it all became clear.  Thunder was wearing his Adrian Gonzalez Red Sox Jersey and the grandmother thought it was his jersey.

Of course, we get a kick of this little story and we are thankful he was not wearing a Big Papi (David Ortiz) jersey at the time.  His game jerseys do have our name on the back of them.  While he might not look like the more extended family, we are proud to see the family name on the back.  He is a great young man and we give thanks every day that he is part of the fun that happens under our roof (regardless of how he plays).