Climbing Trees


P.C. is a character.  If you haven’t picked that up from this blog yet, you just aren’t paying attention (or you are new – Welcome, pull up a chair!).  Despite the fact that he will have an engaging conversation with anyone, he is actually a cautious young man.  Consequently, he has never climbed a tree.  Until now.

His older brother, Thunder, has been playing on an All-Star team for our area so we are experiencing travel baseball for the first time.  We having been taking this on as a family and we are having a ball.  Just to help give you the full appreciation of what that means for Beautiful let me help provide some context.  She is packing drinks, food, snacks, toys, sunscreen, etc. for 9 people for 3 days every time we hit the road.  That does not include the logistics of a tent to keep the sun off, the chairs to sit on, and where all of this stuff is going to go in our van as we travel.  Yes, she is a rare woman.

The list of what has made this whole experience worth every bit of effort and planning is too long to put into this post.  In addition to being able to meet all kinds of new people and share their lives, while they share ours, we have been able to experience some genuinely new things – even the little ones.  While at the last tournament, P.C. noticed a particularly inviting tree.  I thought it was the perfect tree to learn how to climb so we spent some time learning the highs and lows of tree climbing.  He was beside himself with joy at having tackled his first tree without assistance.  After demonstrating for his Mother, he was ready to move to the next new thing.  He had “been there, done that.”

While he may not remember that tree or even having climbed it, I will remember it as the place my son conquered a new hurdle and gained a little more confidence in life.  We have always believed in “blooming where you are planted” and in this case, it is climbing where the tree is.  Sometimes the tree is in your backyard, and sometimes you travel a hundred miles for some other reason completely.  It doesn’t make any difference if you are living life thankful to our Lord for the moment He has provided with your little ones.  They are only little once.  Let them climb the trees.

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