Some are just born with talent

WP_20130715_001 (1)

There is no way I can do this conversation justice without you having experienced P.C. firsthand.  The boy is a force of nature.  He was just born with talent that I cannot explain.  His talent is rare and frankly is scares me a bit.

It scares me because it is my job to shape his talent and I am WAY out of my depth here.  I had to learn all of this.  He just knows it.  To be honest, I am learning a great deal from him.

Knowing his Mother had a very busy day and was feeling a bit overwhelmed, he bursts into the office.  The veins on the sides of his neck are bulging from the excitement, and you could light a fire with the sparkle in his eyes.  He begins:

P.C.:  “Guys!  I have exciting news!  Just wait here.”

Mother: “Okay buddy, what is your news.”

P.C.: “We are making you a Rrrrooomantic dinner with fake food!”  (Yes he drew out that word – don’t ask me how he knows this).

The picture above is the dinner spread that he and Curly Girly put together for us.  It is on the small trampoline that serves as a low table.  We were to recline at the table (Roman style) while he served our dinner.

Yes,  some have to carefully cultivate their talent in order to give a middling performance.  Some, like P.C., are born with a gift.  Now I have to make sure he uses his Super Power for good!

Time to go take Beautiful on a date.

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