An honest answer to be sure


Today after dinner, I started asking the children what they were thankful for.  It is helpful to me as their father to know what is making an impression on them and it helps me gauge their hearts a bit.

I heard about all kinds of things the Lord did for the children today and things they are thankful for.  I heard about being thankful for the family, for the dinner, for school, etc.  Then P.C. had to throw us a curve.  Well, he wouldn’t be part of the discussion if he wasn’t throwing you a curve.

P.C. raised his hand with obvious excitement as he waved it back and forth and bounced up and down in his seat.  When I finally called on him, he fires off, “I am thankful for Curly Girly’s Barbie. . . because its lost.”

As funny as that is, it is even funnier when you know she doesn’t even have one.

Yes, it’s the little things that make the big difference.

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