First Day of Preschool

WP_20130827_11_25_15_Pro_crop2Bright Eyes had her first day of Preschool today.  As you can see she is FULLY ready to shine. This year has been particularly fun as age four seems to be one of the “blossom” years (she even has the uniform for it).

She gave us another great example of that growth when she came home from preschool.  She was preparing to take her shoes off and put them in her shoe cubby by the door (a great idea that Beautiful came up with).  She decided she was going to need to some help.  When we asked her why she needed help, she explained,

I got sandbox in my shoes.

Yes those bright pink shoes in the picture below, not only look marvelous, they are also useful for transporting sandbox from preschool to home.  Who knew!?

The Bright Eyes of last year would have simply walked through the house, taken her shoes in two different rooms, and left us wondering where the sand that was all over the house had come from.  These little people never cease to amaze me!


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