Wisdom beyond his years


I am not one of those that believes that children are inherently wise.  However, it is absolutely true that some of them have uncommon wisdom at times.

P.C. has had his share of nuggets of gold.  He came up with another today.  While he was spending some time with Princess, he dropped another small fortune in wisdom.  Of course he delivered his treasure in typical P.C. fashion – unique.  The conversation follows.

P.C. – “Princess, do you wish you were chocolate?”

Princess – “No, P.C.  I think the way God made me is beautiful.  I think the way God made you is beautiful.”

P.C. – “Princess, did you know something?  Our hearts are the same color.”

Princess – “Who told you that?”

P.C. – “My imaginary friends!”

Princess – “You have some pretty wise friends.”

Unfortunately, that kind of wisdom is not as common as it should be.

Oh.  One last thing.  That is indeed their hands in the picture.

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