The Beauty of Holiness

HusbandandWife_editedYesterday was a big day in our family.  Anyway you look at it, it was a milestone.  Yesterday, Coco and Sweetness were married and went from two people working on their own, to a family working together.  It was without a doubt, the most beautiful wedding I have attended.  I realize I am biased, because I am the father of the groom, but it was beautiful.

It was not beautiful because of the aesthetics, although they were beautiful.  It was not the venue, the flowers, the Christmas decorations, the attendants, the music, the homily, or any of the other things that adorn weddings.  They were all beautiful, but they were not what made the wedding beautiful.  What made it beautiful was the two people that were front and center and what God was doing in their lives.  It was beautiful because they understand something that is frequently forgotten.  Doing things God’s way has a beauty that cannot be detracted from, and it is impossible to replicate.  The scriptures say it this way:

“Oh, worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness!”  Ps 96:9a

Coco and Sweetness have known that God has called them to be together for a very long time.  But knowing that does not change the fact that God called them to purity as well.  So, while our little ones had difficulty waiting to unwrap the presents that were under the tree, Coco and Sweetness have waited even longer to unwrap presents of even greater glory.

God created something new yesterday.  He created a new family from two people that were first devoted to Him.  As glorious as the beginning of that creation process was, they will discover two more glorious gifts as the days go by:  1) God multiplies love when it is first given to Him.  By being holy and devoted to their Lord, they will be better equipped to be devoted to one another. 2) It just gets better.  The beginning was fantastic, I am sure.  But, they will soon discover that it just keeps getting better!

I have seen them both happy over the time I known them.  I have never seen them happier than I did yesterday.  I look forward to the happiness they will know as they continue on in the beauty of holiness.