New Hats

HatWe have had a very exciting and exhausting week here, we all were given new hats to wear.  Everyone in the family, from the smallest to the “not small” received a new hat and we all love them.  Some people love the idea of a new hat and the recognition that it brings.  People greet you and say polite things to you.  The problem is that after a while the hat is not new anymore.  No one says anything when you wear the hat after that.  It just a hat.

If you love the hat because it brings you attention, then you are going to be in for a world of disappointment. If you love the hat, unconditionally, then it never mattered how people react to you because of it.  I know people who buy new things or take on new responsibilities, or even volunteer to do good things because of how other people will react.  I imagine that is a very sad and lonely existence.

You may have guessed that I am not really talking about hats.  I am talking about a wonderful, exciting and amazing new chapter in all of our lives.  Little Buddy has arrived!  Needless to say we are all excited beyond description.  I am truly at a loss for how to describe my feelings.  I can, however, describe my thoughts as I held him for the first time.  As he lay there sleeping and I was praying out my thanksgiving and quietly asking a blessing over him, my mind raced with all of the wonderful ways he was like me, and all the wonderful ways he was different.  It was amazing to see Sweetness and Coco and her parents and Beautiful and I all rolled up into that handsome little man.  You cannot help but wonder what this little person is like.  His preferences are there, we just don’t know them yet.  Is he a man of action, or a man of letters?  Is he a man of both?  Is he a chocolate or vanilla ice cream man?  Perhaps he doesn’t even like ice cream (I cannot imagine that, but it could happen).  Will he be good at catching chocolate chips in his mouth (yes there are certain privileges that come with this new hat)?  Maybe we should start with marshmallows.  They are better for training.

I cannot even begin to contemplate what he will become.  Those possibilities are just too varied to even begin to pin down.

What I do know is this.  He has two wonderful parents that love him beyond his comprehension.  He has two very LARGE extended families that love him beyond his comprehension.  It doesn’t matter what he likes or becomes.  We will all love him, just because he is.

That is how you love a new hat.  You love it just because it is, not because it does something for you.

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