Time with a smile: Priceless

Beautiful has been away with some of the children this week.  It has been great for a number of reasons (not the lest of which is being reminded how hard her job is).

I think the best benefit came this morning.  I sat the on the couch with Bright Eyes next to me.  We were sharing a snack and doing absolutely nothing.  I was debating putting on a show for her, but decided against it.  Not 30 seconds later she gave me the look.  You know the one.  The child locks eyes with you and grins ear to ear. You have no idea what they are really thinking, but you know down to your bones that they are as happy as a child can be at the moment.

Those moments with a smile like that will make a father try to move heaven and earth for another.

There was no need for MasterCard here.  Just some dry cereal and the most precious item of all:  Time.  There is no substitute for time with your children.  Bright Eyes didn’t need to say a word.  She told me clearly enough with that look.  My time with her, was more precious than any thing I could have given.  That was a what she wanted and it was what we both needed.


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